Product Specification

Product: 3-Mercaptohexyl Alcohol 0.1% in ETOH, Natural (Organic Compliant)
   Product Number: 7501492
   FEMA Number: 3850
   CAS Number: 51755-83-0/64-17-5

Organeoleptic and Physical Properties
   Appearance: Colorless liquid
   Sensory Properties: Sulfurous, fruity tropical
   Molecular Formula: C6 H14 O S
   Molecular Weight: 134.23976
   Purity (by G.C.): Minimum 0.1%
   Specific Gravity @ 20 C: N/A
   Refractive Index @ 20 C: N/A
   Optical Rotation: N/A
   Acid Value: N/A
   Melting Point (C): N/A
   Boiling Point (C): N/A
   Flash Point (C) (Closed Cup): 12
   Percent Alcohol (v/v): N/A

Suggested Storage Conditions
  Store at 41-80 F in tightly sealed original containers. Avoid prolonged exposure to light, heat and air.
Shelf Life: 12 months after the last date of QC approval, or date of shipment, under recommended storage conditions or as otherwise noted.

Additional Data

  This Specification Sheet is tentative pending the accumulation of additional data.