Product Specification

Product: Oak (French Toasted) 16X Extract, Natural (Organic Compliant)
   Synonyms: Quercus Robur (Common or English Oak)
   Product Number: 0279417EXT
   FEMA Number: 2794
   CAS Number: 68917-11-3 or 97676-29-4

can provide a whiskey or aged brandy note to alcoholic beverages.
Organeoleptic and Physical Properties
   Appearance: Brown, translucent liquid
   Sensory Properties: Characteristic of toasted oak
   Molecular Formula: N/A
   Molecular Weight: N/A
   Purity (by G.C.): N/A
   Specific Gravity @ 25 C: 0.9610 - 0.9960
   Refractive Index @ 25 C: 1.3590 - 1.3800
   Optical Rotation: N/A
   Acid Value: N/A
   Melting Point (C): N/A
   Boiling Point (C): N/A
   Flash Point (C) (Closed Cup): 29
   Percent Alcohol (v/v): 35.0 (+/- 2.5)

Suggested Storage Conditions
  Store at 41-80 F in tightly sealed original containers. Avoid prolonged exposure to light, heat and air.
Shelf Life: 12 months after the last date of QC approval, or date of shipment, under recommended storage conditions or as otherwise noted.

Additional Data

  Non-Flavor Ingredients: Water, Natural Ethyl Alcohol. Finished product is 100% Oak (French Toasted) Extract. Due to the alcohol content, this product is not capable of supporting microbial growth.