Product Specification

Product: Carrot (Purple) Concentrate, Natural (Organic NOP/EU)
   Synonyms: Organic Carrot (Purple) Concentrate, Natural NOP
   Product Number: 0050181ORG
   FEMA Number: N/A
   CAS Number: N/A

Carrot (Purple) Concentrate (65 brix) used to add red color to finished goods. Exceptional heat and UV stability for a natural color. A purple (pantone 7433C) color in acid free hard candy. Strawberry/Watermelon color in an acidified hard candy application.
Organeoleptic and Physical Properties
   Appearance: Red to Purple
   Sensory Properties: Characteristic of purple carrots
   Molecular Formula: N/A
   Molecular Weight: N/A
   Purity (by G.C.): N/A
   Specific Gravity @ 25 C: 1.2861 - 1.3361
   Refractive Index @ 20 C: 1.4489 - 1.4569
   Optical Rotation: N/A
   Acid Value: N/A
   Melting Point (C): N/A
   Boiling Point (C): N/A
   Flash Point (C) (Closed Cup): 200
   Percent Alcohol (v/v): 0%

Suggested Storage Conditions
  Store at 34 - 40 F in tightly sealed original containers. Avoid prolonged exposure to light, heat and air.
Shelf Life: Store Refrigerated (34 - 40 F).Recommended shelf life in unopened containers: 360 days. Stir before use since settling may occur.

Additional Data

  INGREDIENT STATEMENT: Organic Purple Carrot Juice Concentrate. Store frozen. Thaw under refrigeration for use in manufacturing of finished product. Stir before use since settling may occur. Any remaining product should then be stored frozen to maintain product integrity.Must Ship Next Day Air or Frozen Carrier Std Plate count < 10000.00000/g Mold & Yeast < 100.00000/g E. Coli < neg./ 3.00000/g Coliform < 10.00000/g Alicyclobacillus < 1.00000/g