Product Specification

Product: Chocolate Type Flavor, Natural (Organic NOP)
   Product Number: 01-088-06
   FEMA Number:
   CAS Number: N/A

Certified organic flavor intended for use directly on roasted whole coffee beans.
Organeoleptic and Physical Properties
   Appearance: yellow translucent liquid
   Sensory Properties: characteristic of chocolate
   Molecular Formula: N/A
   Molecular Weight: N/A
   Purity (by G.C.): N/A
   Specific Gravity @ 25 C: 0.8960 - 0.9460
   Refractive Index @ 20 C: 1.4697 - 1.4677
   Optical Rotation: N/A
   Acid Value: N/A
   Melting Point (C): N/A
   Boiling Point (C): N/A
   Flash Point (F) (Closed Cup): >200
   Percent Alcohol (v/v): N/A

Suggested Storage Conditions
  Store at 40-70 F in tightly sealed original containers. Avoid prolonged exposure to light, heat and air.
Shelf Life: 6 months after the last date of QC approval, or date of shipment, under recommended storage conditions or as otherwise noted.

Additional Data

  This specification sheet is tentative, pending the accumulation of additional data.