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Masking Type Flavor, Natural (Organic Compliant)

Product Name: Masking Type Flavor, Natural (Organic Compliant)

Product Number: 01-080-03

FEMA Number: N/A

CAS Number: N/A

Synonyms: none
      screened as a bitterness potentiator in liquid medicine- use at 0.2 to 0.3% in a highly bitter system. Can also be useful in protein systems to mask off notes. Will also help mask the aftertase of artificial sweeteners. Can maks some of the off notes in Omega 3 fortified foods. Can provide a creamy mouthfeel    

       Bakery   Use Level: 0.2


  screened in protein bar
       Dairy   Use Level: 0.1 to (if range) 0.15 Units: %
       Still   Use Level: 0.03 to (if range) 0.06 Units: %

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