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Passionfruit Type Flavor, Natural (Organic Compliant)

Product Name: Passionfruit Type Flavor, Natural (Organic Compliant)

Product Number: 01-150-08

FEMA Number: N/A

CAS Number: N/A

Synonyms: passion fruit
      This flavor is an Organic Compliant version of 01-150-02 and is suitable for a variety of applications including dairy, dessert, beverage, cereal and other breakfast type products, bakery, etc.    

       Bakery   Use Level: 0.4 to (if range) 0.5 Units: %


  in sugar cookie- good, plenty strong.
       Alcoholic   Use Level: 0.12 to (if range) 0.15 Units: %


  use at 0.3% in 70 proof vodka
       Still   Use Level: 0.2 Units: %


  very characteristic, just a touch of pineyness/ cat pee

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