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Our flavors are personally created specifically for your application. While we specialize in Natural, Certified Organic compositions, all of our flavors are available in any form required for many applications such as bakery, beverage, confection, dairy, nutraceutical, and more. All of our flavors are available in liquid (water or oil soluble) or dry form. As we are a complete kosher house under KOF-K supervision, all of our products are certified as kosher parve.

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  Name   FEMA Number   Product Number
[view] Nut Brown RxN, Natural   N/A   02-044-01
[view] Nut Brown Type RxN, Natural (Organic Compliant)     02-044-04
[view] Nut Brown RxN, Natural (Organic NOP)   N/A   02-044-05
[view] Nut Brown RxN, Natural (Organic Compliant)   N/A   02-044-06
[view] Nutmeg Extract Wonf, Natural (Organic NOP)     04-379-02
[view] Noni Type Flavor, Natural (Organic NOP)     04-398-02