compound products listing
Compounds are proprietary blends of our natural ingredients. They can be used in any natural composition and adhere to all current FDA and European definitions of natural flavor. These products were created to suit the needs of folks desiring a profile in a form stronger than a flavor, and can be used within a flavor system or directly in a finished application. Please see the specific product of interest for detailed information.

You may access the current offerings in this product line below:
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  Name   FEMA Number   Product Number
[view] Vanilla Extract Wonf, Natural (Organic NOP)   N/A   01-028-06
[view] Vanilla 2X Concentrate, Natural (Organic NOP)   N/A   01-028-15
[view] Vanilla Aroma, Natural   N/A   01-032-02
[view] Apple (red) Compound, Natural   N/A   01-090-17
[view] Apple (Green) Compound, Natural (Organic Compliant)   N/A   01-090-18
[view] Apple (Green) Compound, Natural     01-090-36
[view] Peach Enhancer, Natural   N/A   01-104-01
[view] Peach Enhancer, Natural   N/A   01-104-02
[view] Peach Enhancer, Natural   N/A   01-104-03
[view] Melon Compound, Natural (Organic Compliant)   N/A   01-131-03
[view] Melon Compound, Natural     01-131-04
[view] Blueberry Compound, Natural   N/A   01-133-06
[view] Blueberry Compound, Natural     01-133-08
[view] Blueberry Compound, Natural   N/A   01-133-12
[view] Mango Type Compound, Natural   N/A   01-149-07
[view] Mango Extract, Natural (Organic NOP/EU)   n/A   01-149-21
[view] Peach Compound, Natural   N/A   02-002-01
[view] Peach Compound, Natural     02-002-02
[view] Pineapple Compound, Natural   n/a   02-003-01
[view] Pineapple Compound, Natural   N/A   02-003-02
[view] Honey Compound, Natural   N/A   02-005-01
[view] Honey Compound, Natural (Organic - Made With)     02-005-03
[view] Vanilla 1X Extract Wonf, Natural   N/A   02-006-02
[view] Vanilla Compound Concentrate, Natural   NA   02-007-02
[view] Tequila Compound, Natural (Organic Compliant)   N/A   02-008-01
[view] Rum Ether Replacer, Natural (Organic Compliant)     02-009-01
[view] Rum Ether Replacer, Natural (Organic Compliant)   N/A   02-009-03
[view] Rum Ether Replacer, Natural   N/A   02-009-03
[view] Raspberry Compound Concentrate Wonf, Natural   N/A   02-015-01
[view] Raspberry Compound, Natural   N/A   02-015-02
[view] Raspberry Compound, Natural   N/A   02-015-03
[view] Raspberry Compound, Natural   N/A   02-015-04
[view] Caramel Compound, Natural   N/A   02-016-01
[view] Beer Compound, Natural   N/A   02-017-01
[view] Beer Compound, Natural   N/A   02-017-02
[view] Banana Concentrate, Natural (Organic Compliant)   N/A   02-021-02
[view] Banana Compound, Natural     02-021-04
[view] Masking Compound, Natural   N/A   02-023-01
[view] Masking Compound, Natural (Organic Compliant)   N/A   02-023-02
[view] Jalapeno Compound, Natural   N/A   02-024-01
[view] Almond Compound, Natural   N/A   02-026-01
[view] Condensed Milk Compound, Natural   N/A   02-032-02
[view] Chocolate (White) Compound, Natural   N/A   02-034-01
[view] Chocolate (White) Compond Concentrate, Natural, Natural   N/A   02-034-02
[view] Coffee Compound, Natural   N/A   02-035-01
[view] Maple Compound, Natural   N/A   02-038-01
[view] Gin Essence Compound, Natural   N/A   02-039-01
[view] Strawberry Type Concentrate, Natural   n/a   02-040-01
[view] Strawberry Compound, Natural     02-040-02
[view] Strawberry Essence Wonf, Natural   N/A   02-040-03
[view] Strawberry Essence Wonf, Natural   N/A   02-040-05
[view] Strawberry Essence Wonf, Natural   N/A   02-040-06
[view] Strawberry Compound, Natural     02-040-07
[view] Tomato Compound, Natural   N/A   02-041-01
[view] Lie de Vin Fortifier, Natural   N/A   02-042-02
[view] Orange Compound, Natural   N/A   02-047-01
[view] Margarita Compound, Natural   N/A   02-048-01
[view] Coconut Compound, Natural   N/A   02-050-01
[view] Coconut Fortifier, Natural     02-050-02
[view] Apricot Compound, Natural   N/A   02-052-01
[view] Pear Compound, Natural   N/A   02-056-01
[view] Plum Fortifier, Natural   N/A   02-059-01
[view] Sake Compound, Natural   N/A   02-063-01
[view] Oak Type Flavor, N&A     02-065-02
[view] Vanilla Fortifier, Natural   N/A   03-011-07
[view] Coffee Fortifier, Natural (Organic Compliant)   N/A   03-046-03
[view] Vodka Fortifier, Natural   N/A   03-070-02
[view] Tamarind Fortifier, Natural     03-081-02
[view] Herbal Bitter Oils Compound, Natural (Organic Compliant)   N/A   03-096-01
[view] Orange Fortifier, Natural   N/A   05-021-02
[view] Yellow Color Compound, Natural   N/A   08-131-01
[view] Yellow Color Compound, Natural (Dry)     08-131-02
[view] Red Color Compound, Natural   N/A   08-132-01
[view] Blue Color Compound, Natural   N/A   08-133-01
[view] Blue Color Compound, Natural (Dry)   N/A   08-133-02
[view] Blueberry Flavor Wonf, Natural (Organic Compliant)   n/a   17-240-06
[view] Pineapple Enhancer, Natural   N/A   300217