fair trade
Many of our Botanical, Chai, Cocoa, Coffee, Spice, Tea and Vanilla Isolates and Flavors are available as Fair Trade Certified thru TransFair USA.  Please use the "Product Lookup" link or browse the product category links in the navigation bar to the left to find a product that suits your application.
We use the following acronyms in the suffix of our product names to identify the varying forms of our Fair Trade certified products:
FT - OC Fair Trade Organic Compliant
FTO - NOP Fair Trade NOP Organic Certified
FTO - NOP/EU Fair Trade NOP and EU Organic Certified

Fair Trade is an innovative, market-based approach to sustainable development. Fair Trade helps family farmers in developing countries to gain direct access to international markets, as well as to develop the business capacity necessary to compete in the global marketplace. Fair Trade Certified products directly support a better life for farming families in the developing world through fair prices, direct trade, community development, and environmental stewardship. Fair Trade farmers market their own harvests through direct, long term contracts with international buyers, learning how to bootstrap their buisiness and compete in the global marketplace. This empowerment lifts farming families from poverty through trade, not aid, keeping food on the table, children in school and families on their land. The Fair Trade Certified label guarantees that farmers and workers received a fair price for their product.

The first Fair Trade certification initiative began in 1988, triggered by the fall of world coffee prices and the subsequent exploitation of coffee pickers. The Fair Trade Labelling Organizations International (FLO), the international umbrella organization for Fair Trade labeling, now has representation in 19 countries across the globe, including TransFair USA. TransFair USA, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization,  began certifying coffee in 1998 and has since introduced Fair Trade certified tea, cocoa, chocolate, bananas, sugar, honey, orange juice and now a growing range of commercial ingredients to the US market. This has generated $80 million of additional income for farmers, providing lasting benefits for their families and the earth. Much more information about TransFair USA, itís efforts, and Fair Trade can be found at http://transfairusa.org.

Get Fair Trade Certified!

Itís really not hard and certainly much less painful than many other regulatory procedures we endure in our trade. To carry the black-and-white ďFair Trade CertifiedĒ logo, you will need to sign a contract with TransFair to become licensed to use the certification mark, and allow TransFair to audit your Fair Trade ingredients purchases to ensure that Fair Trade standards were followed whenever the label appears. Itís simple, just send an email to ingredients@transfairusa.org to get started.